Kafisi Niue Sistema AotearoaOver 22,000 views and 160 shares onto other pages!  Our Sistema students have grabbed everyone’s attention on social media.

A video we posted of our Kupe Orchestra students performing Kafisi Niue side by side with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra has had extensive outreach.

The students performed with singer Tigilau Ness. Tigilau Ness was one of the people who lent his voice and aroha towards the founding of OMAC 30 years ago so this performance was very moving as it represented a full  circle of music ..the children of OMAC, Sistema Aotearoa realising the dreams alongside Tigilau

It has been shared on pages as diverse as NIUE 98.1FM who commented ‘How COOL is this! From humble Niue Island to NZ Orchestra! 😮😍! KIMUA!🌴 ;  Strong Pacific Families, one comment of many being ‘ love this so awesome to see a traditional niue lologo with orchestra…chee hoo…kalaga fia fia woop woop oue tulou orchestra tigi’ and a share onto the page of ‘Niue Advisory Council of Queensland Inc. Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Artists at FestPac /Festival of Pacifics’