Sisteam Aotearoa's Tiki Orchestra performing on WHAT NOWThe Senior Performance Group appeared live on a WHAT NOW TV2 special filmed on location in Ōtara this morning. It was a great privilege in a music rich community such as South Auckland that the producers elected focus on the growth of orchestral music in the community, indicative of how much the Sistema Aotearoa programme is valued in and by the Ōtara community.  The students had prepared very hard for this event and it was a very early start 6.30am and still dark when we gathered, in cultural dress ready for our ‘call time’ After rehearsing students enjoyed a breakfast snack before taking to the stage.

The was a very large studio audience taking part in all the fun and games which include pouring buckets of slime on the presenters and competitions to knock down water filled balloons.  When the tamariki started to play ..silence ..until huge cheers at the end of their set.  Everyone remembered to smile for the cameras and looked and sounded fantastic.

The segment was broadcast live, and also ‘on delay, on demand and put up on the What Now website. If you want to enjoy it it is on our Sistema Aotearoa Facebook page.

Thank you WHAT NOW for an really exciting experience!

Tiki Orchestra Group Shot on WHAT NOW